I kind of needed something permanent. Everything that’s happened to us… everything just changes so fast. Everything is so… ephemeral.

teen wolf   scott mccall   

get to know me meme: [4/5] favourite tv shows → teen wolf

what do you mean, scott? there’s always hope.

teen wolf   the first gif   

I believe you. After everything we’ve been through, I believe you.

teen wolf   allydia   



this is so important   teen wolf   

SAD   mickey is the only one who wants more then just sex from ian he even wants to take care of him when no one else wants to   shameless   ian gallagher   ian x mickey   

no one lives forever
       but i’ll be remembered

teen wolf   allison argent   

make me chooseanonymous asked me
hazel grace lancaster or allison argent

teen wolf   allison argent   

so cuteee   teen wolf   scott mccall   stiles stilinski   flashing gif   idk what to tag it i know some people are concerned with flashing   

Tyler Posey: Professional Cheerleader

THIS IS SO CUTE   tyler posey   josh hutcherson   and idk who the first guy is   

teen wolf meme - 6/8 episodes
↪ "i look for my friends" (lunar ellipse - 3.12)
teen wolf